Week 1 – Devotional 3


Scripture: 2 Corinthians 4:16-18

The apostle Paul, like Jesus, often asks us to unlearn what we always thought we knew. We are taught early in life to place incredible value on material things: money, houses, cars, promotions, shoes… the list could go on. But today’s passage asks us to do something that not only violates our materialism, it sounds physically impossible; we’re told to “fix our eyes” on “what is unseen.” Look at that invisible thing over there! Since we can’t look at invisible objects with our physical eyes, Paul must be referring to mental, emotional, and spiritual “eyes.” Where do we focus our thoughts? Or our desires, energy, prayers, and time?


  • Make a list of the unseen, eternal things Paul is likely referring to in this passage.
  • In what ways can you focus more thought and energy toward these things?


Write down everything you spend time on in a typical week. List the amount of time you spend on each activity. Discuss this list with someone close to you and brainstorm how you might reprioritize some of your focus.

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