Week 3 – Devotional 2

Scripture: Matthew 5:43-48

It can be easy to skip over a passage like this one, since Jesus is focusing on love for our “enemies.” Many of us may simply shrug our shoulders and move on because we don’t have any enemies. But take a closer look at verses 46 and 47. Jesus’ point is vitally important to our lives. It’s easy to love people we already like, who first love us, and who have a lot in common with us! Everyone does this, Jesus says. What sets apart the Christian is love for people we don’t like, who despise us, or who are profoundly different from us. How is your love for people of a different religion, race, generation, political party, or sexual orientation?


Which specific people or groups of people do you tend to view as “enemies”?

Why do you have trouble loving these particular people or groups of people?

Describe God’s love for people who are far away from him.


Share with a friend about your struggle to love the person or people you wrote about above. Then pray together for that person or group of people.

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