North Way Christian Community Church in Pittsburgh, PA

Week 3 – Devotional 3

Scripture: Luke 23:32-43

Love is hard. It can feel impossible to love the person who cuts us off in traffic or the meter maid who gives us a parking ticket. The smallest inconvenience can trigger our anger or sadness and rob us of our ability to love. Then there are the actual hurts and wounds of being in relationship with people. But consider Jesus in today’s passage. He is being beaten and killed in front of a crowd, and he still manages to speak words of mercy and forgiveness. There is a reservoir of love within his soul that cannot be destroyed by any circumstance. If we ask him, he will help us see others the way he sees them. He knows how to love the unlovable.


In this passage (and the entire passion narrative of Luke 22:47-23:49), in what ways does Jesus model love for “enemies”?

Why and how was Jesus able to genuinely love the very people who were beating, mocking, and killing him?


As you continue to pray for your “enemies” this week, ask the Holy Spirit to transform your view of that person or people. Ask for help to love them the way Jesus does.

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