Week 4 – Devotional 1


Scripture: Matthew 6:1-4

One of the key themes of the Sermon on the Mount is generosity. In today’s passage, Jesus warns of an ever-present threat to true generosity: giving for the wrong reasons. What does it look like to give to others for selfish reasons? It could be to seek attention through a social media fundraiser. We might feel superior to a less fortunate friend or relative when we help them financially. Whatever the specifics, Jesus is clear that this kind of “generosity” is empty. It’s a transaction, because we give away something and get something else back in return. God’s generosity is different—he gives because of who he is, not what we can do for him.


Think back to some of your recent acts of generosity. List the various motives (both pure and selfish) that you had for these actions.

When have you personally experienced the generosity of God? Why do you think he acts in the generous ways he does?


Identify one person, cause, or ministry you can give to purely out of compassion and love. Give an anonymous gift!

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