Week 4 – Devotional 2


Scripture: Matthew 6:19-24

Jesus presents us with another threat to true generosity: the pursuit of material wealth. This danger is every bit as present in our current culture as it was in Jesus’ time. Today’s passage gives us two reasons to fight the tide of materialism. First, material riches are far less valuable than spiritual gain, because one is temporary while the other is eternal. Second, it’s simply unhealthy for us to fixate on money—it leads our hearts to be devoted to greed. Jesus points out that on a practical level, we can’t both serve God and line our own pockets. But he’s also focusing on our hearts; it is impossible to love both God and money.


What are you pursuing or accumulating that can be stolen by thieves or destroyed by moths or rust?

How have you seen in your own life, for better or worse, the principle that your heart fixates on the things you find most valuable?


In this weekend’s sermon, we were challenged to shift some of our normal spending to something that benefits others. If you haven’t already done this, take some time to make a plan.

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