Week 5 – Devotional 1

READ Scripture: Matthew 6:5-13

There are two ways we can make prayer all about us, and Jesus addresses both in this passage. First, we can pray long prayers in front of other people, attempting to impress them with how super-spiritual we are. The Pharisees offered many prayers like this. Second, we can pray only for things that will benefit ourselves and make our lives more successful or comfortable. Jesus warns us not to pray selfishly and models the types of things to pray for: God’s concerns (his exaltation, kingdom, and will), then our concerns (daily needs, forgiveness, and spiritual warfare). Both halves of the prayer cause us to draw near to and worship God.


What is your prayer life like? Write out a description of your experience of prayer, including a list of all your motivations (good or bad) to pray.

What do you normally pray for?


Commit to pray every day this week in a way that reflects the themes of the prayer Jesus models for us in this passage.

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