Week 5 – Devotional 2

READ Scripture: Matthew 6:16-18

Fasting is viewed very differently by different people and groups. Some ignore the practice as if it didn’t exist. Others develop cookbooks and products to make money off trendy types of fasts. In today’s passage, Jesus doesn’t spell out the nature, details, or motivations of this practice. But he makes it clear that fasting is something between us and God, even going so far as to suggest a person hide the fact that they’re fasting if they’re tempted to “show off” to others. Maybe it’s time for us to unlearn whatever we thought we knew about fasting and to consider how we can approach this discipline with a fresh perspective.


Have you ever fasted? If so, describe your fasting experiences, particularly in terms of your encounters with God. If not, what has prevented you from taking part in a fast?

What is your understanding of the spiritual purpose and benefit of practicing a fast?


In this weekend’s sermon, we were challenged to engage in a faith-stretching fast this week. Decide what that will look like for you and share your plan with someone who will pray for you this week.

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