Week 5 – Devotional 3

READ Scripture: Matthew 7:7-11

Have you ever forgotten to whom you’re praying? This may sound crazy, but think back to the prayers you have offered before meals. Is it possible that some prayers like this become so automatic or mechanical that we forget what we’re really doing? Every time you pray, you are communicating with the God who created the universe, formed your personality, and gave up his only Son for your sins. In today’s passage, Jesus helps us remember who we’re talking to in prayer: a good Father who knows what we need even more than we do. He may not always give us what we want or answer when we want him to, but we can rest in his goodness.


Describe your understanding of who God is. Include a list of adjectives you would use to describe God.

In what ways does your picture of God fluctuate as the circumstances of your life vary between good and bad?


Set aside time today or tomorrow to simply praise God for the qualities you listed above.

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