North Way Christian Community Church in Pittsburgh, PA

Week 6 – Devotional 1


Scripture: Matthew 7:1-5

Jesus’ imagery here may seem like a ridiculous picture of hypocrisy: someone with a huge log stuck in their eye trying to remove a speck of sawdust from someone else’s face! But this is closer to home than we may realize. When we judge others, we have forgotten that we too—every day—need grace, mercy, and forgiveness from God. This often happens because we feel like we’ve “arrived,” so we begin to act as the judge of anyone else who isn’t as far along as we are. The tragic irony is that in this earthly life, we never arrive: we continue to struggle through our own brokenness, mistakes, and sin. Only as we remind ourselves of our own need for mercy can we extend that mercy, rather than judgment, to others.


Which specific people or groups of people do you tend to judge?

What are the “planks of wood” in your own eye when you judge others?


In this weekend’s sermon, we were challenged to seek forgiveness from someone we’ve judged. First confess your acts of judgmentalism to God and ask him to reveal the root causes of judgmentalism in your heart.

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