Week 6 – Devotional 2


Scripture: Matthew 7:1-2, 12

You may not have made the connection before, but the Golden Rule can be an antidote for our judgmentalism. When we see someone else struggling or sinning, before we respond we can pause and consider how we like others to react to our own moments of struggle. There may not be a one-size-fits-all answer to that question, but most of us strongly prefer for others to respond to our sin and failures with patience, forgiveness, and gentleness. In that sense, Jesus’ instruction in verse 12 spurs us to show the same mercy when it’s someone else who messes up. When we do, we are embodying the teaching of all “the Law and the Prophets.”


How do you prefer for people to treat you in the aftermath of a sin, mistake, or failure?

How do you tend to react to other people’s sin, mistakes, or failures?


Think of someone who has extended kindness to you when you have sinned or failed in some way. Reach out to them this week to thank them.

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