Week 7 – Devotional 1


Scripture: Matthew 7:15-20

We have arrived at the end of Jesus’ sermon, which is perhaps the most challenging section of the whole message. He ends with several images to help explain what it means to follow him—a commitment that plays out in every area of our lives. Today’s passage highlights the importance of “fruit,” or visible signs of God’s work in a person’s life and influence on others. But this isn’t just a helpful way for us to identify bad prophets, pastors, friends, or confidantes; as we learned in this weekend’s sermon, Jesus’ teachings aren’t just about everyone else. He is also asking us to do the hard work of examining our own fruit.


What fruit can you observe in the lives of those closest to you, in whom you place your trust?

What is the fruit coming from your own life and your influence on others? In other words, how has God been at work in your character and your relationships?


Identify someone who has exhibited the fruit of God’s Spirit in their life. Send them an encouraging note to thank them for their role in your life.

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