Week 7 – Devotional 2


Scripture: Matthew 7:21-23

Today’s passage contains one of Jesus’ most shocking teachings. Many kids in youth groups have stumbled upon these verses and experienced existential crises. With these words, Jesus is warning us to keep in mind what matters. And what matters is not the things we do for God, even incredible acts of supernatural ministry. While wonderful and sometimes thrilling, these will mean nothing at the final Judgment. What will matter is quite simple: knowing and being known by Jesus. It’s relationship! Perhaps we need to unlearn the habit of finding our identity in the things we do, and instead learn to find it in the One who knows us.


What do you expect your experience will be like at the final Judgment? Why?

In what ways do you struggle with finding your identity in the things you do?

According to Jesus, what are the most important things about who you are?


Look at your schedule for this week and set aside some significant blocks of time to spend with Jesus. These times can contain whatever allows you to best grow in your relationship with God—worship, journaling, Scripture, prayer, etc.

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