North Way Christian Community Church in Pittsburgh, PA

Week 7 – Devotional 3


Scripture: Matthew 7:24-27

A fitting end for this Sermon—a reminder that Jesus didn’t just say these things so that the people would hear them. He expected them to obey! And he points to a practical reason we should still obey his words today—our obedience can dramatically change how we respond to times of intense hardship. If we haven’t allowed his words to soak in deeply and influence the way we actually live, life’s trials will be more likely to wipe us out. But when we have cultivated a lifestyle of putting Jesus’ words into practice, we will be much better equipped with his wisdom and strength to withstand every temptation, disappointment, and conflict.


Look back at the steps of obedience (the RESPOND sections) over the entire span of this devotional series. Which ones were most beneficial? Which were most difficult? Why?


What steps of faith and obedience is the Holy Spirit prompting you to take right now in your life? What will it look like for you to obey?

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